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Welcome to MaheshRaja.Com site, a comprehensive website serving the needs of all Software Professionals in their day to day life. Written and managed by Globally Renowned Top Notch Software Architects under the leadership of Mahesh Raja AKA Raja Vandyala, this site helps in planning the faster growth in career and to create a great depth of experience in career profile.The site is updated in a SCRUM Agile Model to cover near 100+ Technologies during its life span of development. The site is Currently most useful for Java Resources and will be made available to all professionals belonging to different technologies soon. The Sprint One is dedicated for creating strong programming expertise in Java. A curricula with near 5000+ programs in various components of Java are published on this site.

Going forward the website will be having dedicated sections for Architects, Designers, Developers, Managers, Business Analysts, DBAs, Testers, System Admins, Quality Analysts, HR Managers and Investors and Stake Holders. These Sections would help young professionals as a single source of information to shine in their respective job role.

MaheshRaja is a Post Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Osmania University, India. He Possesses a Management Degree from Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta, A PMI Member, An Oracle Certified Software Architect, Certified SCRUM Master. He is associated with a Software Enterprise As a Software Technical Architect providing cutting edge technology solutions with latest technical trends.

Here are the few tips from MaheshRaja which you should practice as habits to shine in career

Build an excellent attendance record. Do your job well and complete your work on time. Boost your career with education. Commit yourself to the continuous improvement of your technical, professional and soft skills. Do Networking, Learn about your company and the departments. Be professional in everything you do. Let yourself be known as a team player. Create a Culture For Learning in your team, Coach Your Employees Ė Their Success is Your Success ( Never be hesitant to grab a chance to Coach your Senior :-)). Use Performance Management to Build a Strong Culture of Performance. Learn the Secrets to Motivating Employees, Build Collaboration Skills, Try appreciate other's world, Communicate Effectively, Be Proactive, Keep Trust on people and make them aware of your honesty.

How far you advance your career and how fast you get there has more to do with your passion and work ethic than anything else. Donít sit around waiting to be the next in line. Seniority does not mean you are going to move up. Be pro-active when it comes to your career development. Show you have the passion and drive that makes you a valuable asset to the department and to the company.