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Java Tutorial » Class Definition » Defining Class  
  1. Fields are variables.
  2. They can be primitives or references to objects.

For example, the Employee class has two fields, age and salary.

public class Employee{
  int age;
  int salary

  1. Field names should follow the camel naming convention.
  2. The initial of each word in the field, except for the first word, is written with a capital letter.
  3. For example: age, maxAge, address, validAddress, numberOfRows.
5.1.Defining Class
5.1.1. What Is a Java Class?
5.1.2. Fields
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5.1.6. Class declaration with one method
5.1.7. Class declaration with a method that has a parameter
5.1.8. Class that contains a String instance variable and methods to set and get its value
5.1.9. Class with a constructor to initialize instance variables
5.1.10. Specifying initial values in a class definition